The world is starting to feel OPEN again. The masks are coming off. Concerts and art walks are making a comeback. I am feeling happier and painting in the evening. Better weather has me out walking again. Flowers are up. Pool pass purchased.

Feeling unchained.

Feeling Inspired

With the promise of the Buckeye Lake Art and Music Fair in the works, teamed with the blooming daffodils, I am feeling hopeful. Easter brunch with friends made life feel near normal. The community fed my soul. We were vaccinated the week before and our plans are to continue walking through the pandemic living the life we choose.

I painted on some mini canvases over the weekend too and took a little time to smell the flowers with Woob.

Joy is Making a Comeback

Art has certainly been missing during these impossible months of lockdown, virus and social unrest. I am ready to walk through this and get back to living. I did more than work too much this week. Started painting again and walked some miles for my health. We visited with friends in old normal ways and I signed up for a yoga class.

4 New Paintings.
Painting Before Lights Out.

Nashville Public Library Art Show

Charlie and I have had a tough month. Winter illness. He’s on the mend with some “pink stuff” and I am not 100 percent but I have made it to hang the BunkoJess art show at the Nashville Public Library in Green Hills. Charlie was a big help and happy to be at the library putting together puzzles.

It was a sad trek to Nashville. The tornado outbreak of March 2-3 left the city is a sad state. David was at our place there that night but luckily he was in an area not damaged. Driving around was a very depressing site. We did bring a carload of supplies from our Ohio friends. It’s a hard conversation to have with Charlie and he’s very sensitive after seeing some of it. We’re happy most of our good friends were safe with little damage to their homes and sad for those not so lucky.

Jay Bird

I worked at least 40 hours in three days at my day job in order to come to Nashville and spend a few days here with my husband before he goes back out and travels with the circus playing pedal steel.

Making art here in our little apartment and sharing a small space with my favorite guys fills me up. Working on some pieces to show at the Green Hills Nashville Library. I am seeing life in squares lately.