3 Lined Owls

We have had a stretch of illness and things breaking down but I am going to stay up. Staying up too late tonight so I can find a little sanity by paint brush.

Jay Bird

I worked at least 40 hours in three days at my day job in order to come to Nashville and spend a few days here with my husband before he goes back out and travels with the circus playing pedal steel.

Making art here in our little apartment and sharing a small space with my favorite guys fills me up. Working on some pieces to show at the Green Hills Nashville Library. I am seeing life in squares lately.

Peacock Feather

I really want to paint a wall of peacock feathers. I can’t quit thinking about doing it but I also can’t imagine how many hours I would spend doing it. All of my favorite colors over and over again.

Brunch & Art w/ Chef Brooke

Spent some of our family Sunday hours with one of my oldest friends at her event space, Bleu & Fig, in Columbus, Ohio. Just us enjoying her beautifully prepared brunch. Indulging, laughing and painting. The sun poured into her showcase windows full of plants. I sketched us out a quick sun and moon to paint. Charlie opted for a bird. Shop keepers are always exhausted. Shop keepers are always working. For a few hours we just relaxed.

You can’t make old friends but you can make time for them. Good life happens when we decide to be present.

ArtCoz Zanesville Holiday ArtFest

A long time ago I signed up to have a table at the Welcome Center in Zanesville, OH at the Holiday ArtFest sponsored by ArtCoz. Last week as it neared I was sure I was blowing it off. Shows like this and audiences make me extremely uncomfortable. I decided discomfort would be good for me. I went through with tagging all of my art for sale and going to the show. Then I went live on Facebook while there. I am a goofball but I made it through it and I had a wonderful day. Moving forward I am going to just get weird and do things I think about doing. Disregard how I look while doing it. Not care so much if someone doesn’t like what I present.
What am I waiting on?