Mermaid Tail

Charlie and I are waiting on David to get home from work. He’s been on a 4 day travel to Nashville to Texas to Nashville and now driving back to Ohio. I’m painting mermaids and drinking late night coffee that will likely keep me up until it’s time to go to work in the morning. Char is watching SpongeBob on his tablet. Not sure if it is ok to let a 5 year old watch SpongeBob but I am enjoying finally getting some time to paint.

Iron Pumpkin

Charlie isn’t always into doing art like I want him to be. Halloween is approaching so his Nan Nan and Aunt Dee Dee certainly got him in the painting mood with this special Iron Man pumpkin kit!

Mermaid Mind

Mermaids love to bask in the sun. Autumn is so beautiful but I can’t help but feel the impending doom. Winter. Maybe dramatic?

Perhaps I was born for somewhere else. Mermaid art is warming my soul for now. I may paint 100 more after this one.