Sunday Maniacs

Finished the turtle from the night before. A little funky and a little stained glass. Charlie wanted hearts on it so I listened.

Char and I woke up at the shop and worked on our hillbilly garden there. I finished up the turtle and made up some breakfast and checked my emails. I really wanted to go to the music festival in Columbus, Comfest, but I was worried Char would overheat. The sun was blazing! Ventured to the house and visited with the neighbors and started some chores. Gardened there. I bought a used drill and cowboy hat off a friend that was having some troubles. We took a bike ride to the BLYC. Took full advantage of the pool and had some dinner. We also made a little painting out of my purse art supplies. We had a great day but the best thing is that David comes home tomorrow!

Turtle Start

I spent the morning selling Guitar Parts and Charlie and I spent the afternoon at my mother’s house in Zanesville cleaning and doing yard work. The hot heat of summer has arrived in Ohio. Char wasn’t much help. He ate ice cream with Nan Nan in her freezing house while I worked under the sun. It was near dark when we arrived back at the lake. I made a little start on a new turtle to cover my art for the day.

Not Just Any Turtle

I was asked by a neighbor to make a small turtle painting for a gift. I am all about painting turtles so I was thrilled. Folk art sea turtles are my favorite. I was inspired years ago by a gift my husband gave me when he was playing music in Australia. It was a handmade necklace from a street vendor and he had wrapped in some paper with little Australian folk turtle designs on it. I still have the paper in my art supplies and pull it out often for inspiration.

Our neighbor is a big fan of author, Mary Alice Monroe. Monroe is involved with a group called The Turtle Team that help protect sea turtles. I painted four to give her a choice and because I was having so much fun. This one happens to be my favorite.

Wise turtle right here.

Turtle Power

Char started a new Lego shark and a I drew out a turtle sketch last night. We woke up enthusiastic about finishing our projects at breakfast before school and work interrupted our good times.

Silly Owl

I love switching my brain off and making silly owls. No thoughts. Just get lost for about 30 minutes in circles and feathers with crazy colors. If my inspiration is low I paint owls.

Croc or Gator?

Where did you come from, Mister Circle Teeth?

Worked a long, hard day and then had a lovely friend over for dinner. It rained us off the porch but we made the most of it. Baked carrots from the market, grilled corn and JalapeƱo burgers. A bottle of wine.

Char doing a little monster truck rain dance