Room 226 at The Masonic Temple

Elizabeth and I are moving forward on our art and poetry space. I always underestimate the amount of work something is going to be. It is starting to come alive. I have piles of art I have made over the last 4 months from painting everyday but it is amazing how I only feel like a little of it is good enough to hang. Life is a practice.

Painting, Working, Painting, Working

I put together a spot to paint at the warehouse today so I could try and finish the second banner by Friday. Didn’t feel like finishing the details on the first side so I flipped it over and started the other side. Hoping tonight I can see it through and finish both sides.

Another Banner!

I couldn’t help but take another “Welcome to Zanesville” banner when I was working on 226 in the Masonic Temple. I am a sucker. It’s moving faster this time. Going to do a few owls because I love to paint owls! Still a ton to do but I made a lot of progress in a few hours.

Masonic Temple 226

I unloaded a van full of art and supplies to our new poetry and art studio. Room 226. Through the halls. Up the stairs and down the stairs. Elizabeth had some signs on the door with our names, poems tucked under the glass piece in the stand and magnetic poetry on a baking sheet. Today it seemed like maybe the space was real. I hope to hang some paintings and find time to work in it soon!

Goodnight Moon

I was so tired from working so hard yesterday teamed with missing David I took the day off from guitar parts. I finished the banner and we went swimming and rode bikes. Sat by the pool and chatted with friends. Cooked out on the deck. We just all enjoyed the fact we were together and the sun was shining.

No matter what the price at work tomorrow it was time well spent.