Another Sunday Passes

Orange at Almost 1 Year Old

I wanted to sleep in until 10 but I woke up at 7:30 and started making coffee and feeding birds. I guess I just missed the sunrise and I do hate missing that. In my head I was writing a song but the coffee turned it off before I could type it all out so I started doing what I financially needed to do and listed some guitar parts on eBay.

Melancholy has been my companion lately. Sometimes good in the evening when I want to paint and brood but most times a negative. I don’t need it to paint. It doesn’t have to be why an artist creates but it does help create different settings, strange landscapes and a complete palette change. None of that is usually worth it staying around. The worst part about it is no one can help you and no matter what beautiful things are surrounding you it lingers, unless… Unless you can some how decide it is leaving. Is it a decision? I always say it is and if I don’t believe that I may not decide to let go of Melancholy.

Tomorrow is Monday and I am hoping the start of the work week can be a new start. I have reset myself 12 times in 16 weeks. So close to warm weather but today it has been in the 30s. I can’t stay in Ohio the rest of my life. The spring in all its glory always tricks my heart. Charlie needs my sunshine so I will move forward with this personal intervention today.

I hate missing David but playing music here doesn’t work for him. We probably need to sell the house here and find a place to live in TN close to Nashville. My business can work either place but my family? And everything is so expensive there now. The apartment there has worked for us until now. Now, It’s just prolonging the inevitable. Not feeling like this conversation but I am getting too weary for the in-between. David had a drop in show. It was kind of shitty how it fell in but it was a CMT video filming. Professional level stuff. I can’t make choices for him. I want him to be happy. He has to be excited to do things like this but at the same time if it is blowing up our schedule it is hard on us too. And he never has time for his own voice….his own creations. We have some hard decisions to make in the next 6 months.

I made two pieces of art today. I struggled last night to paint a tulip. Wasn’t sure I would get through it. Drew it out in bed with one eye open. Almost gave up on my every day art experiment. Art doesn’t always have to be good. It doesn’t have to be tedious. I don’t have to toil and create something to frame for it to be a creation. This is teaching me how to get better. Getting better and enjoying the process is what I tell myself is important. I need to actually believe that.

I made a little pink bird that I am not sure is a real thing but I saw the photo on the internet and saved it. I gave it a human eye so it’s a little kooky. When I posted it on Facebook a beautiful little hippie girl from my Zanesville circle wanted me to paint a photo of her cat that just passed. I can’t commission so I said I would try for free if she sent photos. I am horrible with the expectations. Especially expectations about a pet that has crossed over the rainbow bridge. I tried. Orange cat was a little skinny but I think I captured his glow. Best part was that It made Charlie giggle and dream of his own orange cat.

Currently I am in some sort of robot Lego loop with Charlie that I really don’t want to be. I do know I have to play Legos now because he has given me a considerable amount of hours today to work and art.

Pink Belly

Author: BunkoJess

Jessica Spires was born in Zanesville, Ohio in 1973. Spires is predominantly a painter but also enjoys photography and sculpture. She considers it all practice. Owner of she is a serious business lady by day. When she isn't being a workaholic she spends her down time cooking, gardening, listening to live music and loving her family. Guitar and music symbols are often incorporated with nature themes in her whimsical, colorful folk paintings signed with her nickname: BunkoJess. Spires currently splits her time living and working in Millersport, OH and Nashville, TN.