31 Days, Owl & ZMA


I have officially posted art 31 straight days. I made something new each of those days. Could I keep it up for a year? It’s more work than I imagined.

Got a lot of things done today but most of them weren’t even on my to do list. Made progress on some new technology for importing guitar parts. Didn’t get close to getting my desk in good order by the end of the day though. I did have a wonderful lunch date with my spouse. He made Charlie a doctor’s appointment to check mark the boxes needed for daycare care paperwork and had another soccer lesson with him. Family progress.

David also took a few photos of some recent paintings so I could sign up for an art show at the Zanesville Museum of Art. Nothing I have ever done before, and I have no expectations, but doing things like this motivates me to keep at it. I like the feeling that I keep creating everyday. Things like this help that flow.

We actually spent an hour on the porch as a family and chatted with the neighbors. The warmer weather has me sprouting back out of the dirt. Last night I didn’t want to draw anything out or think too much. I felt content and not compelled. I ended up with a funky owl with lashes and tons of fuzz. Just wanted to smear paint around.