Big Breakfast

Up at 5 am. Piddled around with the needy dachshund and my new haircut. It’s too short. Flat iron didn’t make me like it either. It’s just hair.

At 6 am I decided to wake Char up and spend the morning together. We went to bed early. He was happy to rise and shine and I made him an enormous breakfast. We talked, sang, ate, watched birds, cartoons and painted. Noticed a friend had a dog pass. Took a shot at painting little Rocco. Not sure I have the perfect photograph for a good attempt. Maybe try a few more times. Losing a pup is devastating. I wish I was better at getting the drawing right.

Not sure painting in the morning is a good idea because now I have no will to sell guitar parts. I want to paint more. Switching gears. Switching gears.