Not making any masterpieces tonight. Just smearing around watercolor on some mysterious paper someone left at my house. Maybe it was from craft junk I bought at a thrift store? Not sure. Yupo paper. Doesn’t let the watercolor dry right away. I am not sure how to feel about it. Just started really digging in when Char was complaining it was time for bed. Tonight I was keeping him up for a change.

Yupo practice owl. Slick watercolor paper?

Is it horrible I was glad Char’s first soccer practice didn’t happen because of rain? We had the best night. Went to Target for a few groceries, black pants and a new lunchbox. He was so excited to pick out a LEGO one. His old train lunchbox had a broken zipper. Just snuggled and put together Legos. Ate pretzels and drank tea. Party night.

I should have revisited my actual work but Char needed me. Spent the morning taking Mom to the doctor so I am behind at work. I feel really good I took that time though. I think we’re both working through a health rough patch and we’re slowly getting better. It was great to see her happier and well today. Made me feel happier and well.

LEGO Maniac