Char’s First 5K And Some More BLAC Logos…

What a day! I woke up at 4AM and started getting the guitar parts orders out so Charlie and I could go walk a 5k along the dam. Pretty crazy the run/walk went past our house! I wasn’t so sure he’d make it but with an ice cream bribe and a little whining we got it done. My high school friends, Jason & Misty, came up and ran the 10k and we had lunch with them after the race. They run races together every weekend and I am so proud of them. Inspiring day. I am sure I want to get healthier and I am going to make it a priority!

Worked on some logo ideas as my art today. Logos for our newly formed art group Buckeye Lake Art Collective.

Char wanted to paint some too so he told me what to draw.