Spray Paint & Decorate

Char and I slept well and woke up fresh. I finished painting poorly drawn trumpets from the night before while he gobbled a homemade Mickey Mouse waffle. I then set our sights to rearrange and refresh things we had to make our outdoor space look better. Decorating your space is most certainly doing art. Sprayed some little tile stands bright pistachio green. I had bought the paint at the end of last summer but never finished my thoughts. I found 6 cans of black paint and covered the lawn chairs oxidation and rust to make them new again. Repotted plants. Char hosed off dirt and cobwebs. We soaked in all the sun possible after wading through a week of rain and storms. Weeded our beds down in the garden and planted some new herbs we grew from seeds. When we finished we showered up and picked up David at the airport. He was tired and tattered but we drove to the Pizza Cottage and had a feast and visited with friends. Good Sunday.