Charlie thinks putting on primer is boring. He lasted through one rock while I did about 15 and then he played with robots and cars and picked at his dinner. We put on the sprinkler in hopes our grass by the lake would grow. I wanted to make some art on the rocks and ukes but the mundane task of getting them ready to paint emptied me out.

Author: BunkoJess

Jessica Spires was born in Zanesville, Ohio in 1973. Spires is predominantly a painter but also enjoys photography and sculpture. She considers it all practice. Owner of she is a serious business lady by day. When she isn't being a workaholic she spends her down time cooking, gardening, listening to live music and loving her family. Guitar and music symbols are often incorporated with nature themes in her whimsical, colorful folk paintings signed with her nickname: BunkoJess. Spires currently splits her time living and working in Millersport, OH and Nashville, TN.