Selling Guitar Parts

David drove to Kentucky to play music for a few days and make a few bucks. I walked Charlie to school and we sang songs. I wish that twenty minutes would have lasted all day.

All my energy went to work. I wasn’t a great mom or anything else but a guitar parts lady. End of the night Char and I put in a few minutes of art before bed. He drew circles and called it a tornado and I painted a little Dragonfly with his cheap watercolor set. Tomorrow I am going to be a great mom and hopefully dedicate a little more time to art. When morning comes… a little work while he sleeps on the office couch, breakfast downtown, soccer and maybe we will take a trip to see some art or plant some flowers in the garden.

Morning Wings

I have this consuming idea to make a selfie-mural in Buckeye Lake with some sort of wings. Tourist attraction people can visit and take a photo that gives them wings. I have a meeting scheduled today with a prospective place for it. Going to probably draw a ton of wings in the coming months. So many possibilites! Heron wings? Butterfly wings? Cardinal Wings? Bee wings? Dragonfly Wings? Epic-crazy, funky wings?

Charlie Loves Sunflowers

Char colored sunflower crayon pages in daycare and brought them home. He also planted some that are starting to sprout! Didn’t have a ton of time for art so I made this crazy little sunflower with a face for him.

More Yupo Just Need Time

David brought me home a pile of Yupo paper (Mother’s day present) when he arrived in OH from TN. Excited to experiment with it but haven’t managed the time. Started back on a healthy living program yesterday. Took a three mile walk together at lunch. Worked and worked and picked up Charlie at daycare for a trip to see his grandmas. Had a little cookout and some yard work at my mom’s house and we picked up David’s mom to come with us. Charlie played soccer and rode his bike in the same place I used to play at his age. Absolute beautiful family evening. It was dark when we left mom’s freshly trimmed yard. She was happy. David gave Char a bath as soon as we arrived home and that gave me a few minutes to try a little peacock head on the Yupo. It’s fun and strange. You can push around the paint. Make all the happy little mistakes you want. I want to stay home from work tomorrow and just paint all day on it. Use all 75 sheets.

Yep. But I will be at work.

Ton and Tons of Little Paintings

Sunday recharge after an insane Saturday! Relaxing in the sunroom and waiting on David to come home. Not doing anything profound but I was being somewhat prolific. Made tons of little watercolors as fast as I could. Most not so good. These were my favorites.