Not much time left for art at the end of this high-stress, big-work, Friday. Here we have some more high hopes for spring in the eye of a daffodil.

Dawes Hike

My friend Carrie organized a hike on Facebook. 5 people showed up. All really nice. Very casual tromp around the Dawes Arboretum in Newark, Ohio. It was in the middle of the day which worked out because Char was in school. It felt great to be out in the sun and in the woods. 3 miles. I stayed and painted a flower with Char’s kid watercolors I keep in my purse.

I am really not in a good place with my health and weight and overall mental outlook. So, so, so looking forward to warm days.

New Song Image – Red Cardinal

David and I are working on a song about a cardinal that comes to visit in a time of mourning. I want to make a really special image of it for the songs placeholder. As special as I feel the song is. I don’t think this is the one but it’s what I worked on today.

She Deposits the Eggs

Usually it is more comfortable to paint and I find sketching the hard work. I need to just sketch more. Put in that practice time. It always makes a better painting. This one was the opposite. Painting it was driving me batty. Mostly happy with it.

Sunny Saturday

Perfect day to get outside but Charlie is still telling me he doesn’t feel well. We are camping out with toys, art supplies and my work laptop watching the bikes pass while sun pours in.

My sister brought us some groceries and legos and my niece worked for me so we could stay at home and get well. I am well, well, not mentally well this week.

I said I was not going to paint but when Char decided to give himself a nap on the chaise I drew out a seahorse.

David comes home late tomorrow. He has been gone awhile. I am not even sure how long. 10 or 11 days?

Seahorse Electric

My Tired LEGO Dude
The Fastest Turtle


I really had a need to create today. Completed two pieces. I feel crusty and hunched over in need of sunlight and fresh air. Tomorrow will be for work. Going to have to take a break from the brushes.

Last Year’s Tulip

Merry Mermaid & the Water Gremlins

I really want to make an enormous watercolor mermaid. I bought the expensive watercolor paper to do it but can’t get started. I generally have time for small paintings because I want to finish something. When I have worked on larger pieces I always use acrylics. I may start one Sunday. Just dive in. I really love all the possibilities of the seahorses here. Maybe I will start with one of them. They are free and fast and don’t have hands that I can never draw quite right.