Monday got me.

I did all I could at work until it was time to pick up Charlie and then I shut it off. When David is gone Charlie needs more Mom. We actually put in a few miles on the trail. I feel like that was my actual big accomplishment for the day. He loves riding his bike on it. I need exercise and sun. Hoping we can get out there weather permitting this week.

Last night I sketched out a mermaid to paint tonight because I knew I would be too tired to make art and possibly slip. Last night I painted it all and kept us both up until after midnight. We were happy then and grumpy this morning. Shortly I am turning off the lights. I want to make a really large mermaid but I think I am going to make some smalls first. Find the mermaid that longs to swim on the big canvas. A watercolor as big as I want the mermaid to be will be an undertaking.

Underwater Gal

As I was putting her in a sleeve I found a really old drawing of a manatee and started painting it. Bored with it I sketched out a small turtle but didn’t paint it. Then I made my kid a quesadilla and gave in to complete lounging. Lights out time but I am sure not before a small war with a four year old.

Work in progress