Pointless Pursuit

It’s so early the sun isn’t up
And you’re gone just like the day before

The alarm didn’t go off four times this morn
Nothing drains me while this world sleeps

Last night on the phone we spoke about getting out
Moving fast, doing it all, putting up, tearing down a wall

I was weary and so were you but we agreed…
It’s just what we do. Insane but true… work it through

Rat Race. Another pointless pursuit.
Call it what you want I’m doing it to unwind with you
We’ll get up in the morning and scurry ’round town
Not even sure if it’s a fail or a gain

Hamster wheel do it all for the frill
Take for granted another day get out there and bale the hay
No time to evaluate or mindless play you’ll be home soon
August, December, March, then June

The world is up…