Watercolor or Acrylics?

Spent about three hours after dinner painting. Over the past few years I started using acrylics more than watercolors. My favorite place to spend money is Plaza Art in Nashville. In there I found some premium paints called Golden Fluid Acrylics that have brilliant colors but paint more like watercolors. They are popular in the paint pouring world. It really did reshape how I was painting. Over the last few months I have wanted to revisit watercolors. The same company has a watercolor line too called QOR. These watercolors have the crazy vibrancy the acrylics do. They come in tubes. I usually use cheap blocks. I bought a box of 6 of them and a white that totaled around $60.00. Pretty expensive for watercolors….BUT WOW! I am probably going to have to spring for more.

Wanting to make a larger seahorse on a clay board I had to get the acrylics back out. They felt clunky when I started using them the night before last but I was reminded by an internet friend to use more water. The Golden Fluid acrylics don’t loose the color when you do this. Still a lot of work to do on it but this 20″ X 16″ Seahorse is coming along.

Seahorse in Progress

I really want to get better at drawing so I did an aloe study on a plant in the sunroom. Not easy but I thought I had a decent, quick, loose drawing so I painted it with watercolors. Going back and forth on the two paintings and two different paint styles. The aloe didn’t turn out that great but maybe if I do it again I will be able to get a good one. Good practice and a fun and crazy experiment. It did make quite a mess of the sunroom. Of course Charlie had Legos, robots and snacks all over his side of the room all housed in a pillow fort. We left it all as is when it was bath time and even though I said I was the adult and would get us to bed early here it is midnight.

Aloe study
10:45 bath. Blurry but the bubble beard photo has to be preserved.