Staying at the warehouse tonight. Not so thrilled. Welcome to the opulent life of the entrepreneur. Dirty office full of toys and guitar parts and a pull out microfiber couch that kills my 45 year old back. It means I don’t have to drag my 4 year old at 5am so I am happy to have that choice.

Wanted to go art walk in Zanesville but I seriously didn’t have the energy for it. It was a time to say no. The little energy I had left my kid needed. He wanted me to paint one of his little stuffed TY animals and make him all his favorites for dinner. We spent a few hours at the house doing just that. I love how his little crazy mind spins and how it puts together robot legos. Seahorses can wait.

Early this morning I made a fruit owl for daycare. One of the girls is leaving. We really liked her so it’s a little sad. Fruit owls have to be considered art. I have no idea with our schedule tomorrow how I will make art. Making art everyday is proving harder than I imagined.