Desk Doodle & Dad on TeeVee

Still at my desk around 11pm and Charlie running around the warehouse we doodled some crazy stuff. Wasted 100 sheets of copy paper with cat and flower squiggles.
John, Josh & David on the Today show!

Too tired to write much. We have had an unhealthy month. My mom has been sick, David and Charlie shared a flu and then a cold, and I had a little health scare this week. I feel like we have mom on the mend now. I took her to the doctor and mowed her grass and things seem to be moving in a better direction with her.

Good Friday has been exhausting but GOOD. Not much art to speak of but some great work put in at GPF and my cute husband was on television! Charlie and I made some doodles, ate popcorn and got to bed way too late. Sleeping at the shop in hopes we can get moving on a road trip to TN after a Saturday morning of guitar parts work.