Work, Drive, Dog Eats Chocolate, Legos, Paint, Pass Out

Up at 5am to sell and pack out guitar parts. In the van at 2 on the way to TN. Char and I arrived at the apartment and it was dark and full of police cars. I still have no idea what was happening but one of the officers told me everything was secure. We loaded in our junk. David was out on the road. He had left an Easter basket, Legos and a Bingo game on Char’s little play table. Char was out of his mind happy. Tearing into his presents while I was getting stuff in. He had managed to feed Woob half of the chocolate bunny he found in the basket when my eyes were off of him for 3 minutes. Holy shit. Of course I was mad and scared but after an hour on Google I surmised that he only ate about 2oz and it would take 9oz to really be an issue….hopefully. Painted this little red friend after all that drama and (sort of) slept with the tv on.