Saturday night was stellar. We cooked out and walked the path along the lake. Talked to neighbors and thought about the future. All to bed early and I slept in. 7:30 is crazy sleeping in for me. I was up an hour before all three boys so I sat in the sunny loft and painted while they all slept a few feet from me. Woob periodically gave me the stink eye. My painting, ridiculous, but a summation of how I felt after actually getting a night of real sleep in the big KING bed. Blooming!

Well rested we went for waterfront bike ride to eggs, pancakes and coffee. Char toppled over and crashed his bike on the way down but he was tough and got back on the “horse” and made it. While David paid the bill, Charlie and I smelled all the flowers there and had a dance party on the stage outside at the Buckeye Lake Yacht Club.

I do believe the warm weather is here to stay so we worked in the garden. David mowed and blowed while Charlie and I weeded, cleaned and planted. Not a dime was spent. We re-homed plants and moved around and shined on things we had.

Already feeling my muscles burn I cleaned myself off and we moved back up to the loft for a nap that never happened. We watched a spider move back and forth on the ceiling and Charlie squealed in freight and soon then delight. Gave that idea up for piddle work and a beautiful dinner out of the last of our groceries. All of us agreed we didn’t want to go shopping. I used the end of a bag of chips and some shaker cheese and garlic to whip up some ground turkey meatballs and spinach salads. We found a bottle of cheap red blend. Family life they say is mundane but there isn’t anything I have known better.

Author: BunkoJess

Jessica Spires was born in Zanesville, Ohio in 1973. Spires is predominantly a painter but also enjoys photography and sculpture. She considers it all practice. Owner of she is a serious business lady by day. When she isn't being a workaholic she spends her down time cooking, gardening, listening to live music and loving her family. Guitar and music symbols are often incorporated with nature themes in her whimsical, colorful folk paintings signed with her nickname: BunkoJess. Spires currently splits her time living and working in Millersport, OH and Nashville, TN.