Monday got me.

I did all I could at work until it was time to pick up Charlie and then I shut it off. When David is gone Charlie needs more Mom. We actually put in a few miles on the trail. I feel like that was my actual big accomplishment for the day. He loves riding his bike on it. I need exercise and sun. Hoping we can get out there weather permitting this week.

Last night I sketched out a mermaid to paint tonight because I knew I would be too tired to make art and possibly slip. Last night I painted it all and kept us both up until after midnight. We were happy then and grumpy this morning. Shortly I am turning off the lights. I want to make a really large mermaid but I think I am going to make some smalls first. Find the mermaid that longs to swim on the big canvas. A watercolor as big as I want the mermaid to be will be an undertaking.

Underwater Gal

As I was putting her in a sleeve I found a really old drawing of a manatee and started painting it. Bored with it I sketched out a small turtle but didn’t paint it. Then I made my kid a quesadilla and gave in to complete lounging. Lights out time but I am sure not before a small war with a four year old.

Work in progress

A Month Needs More Sundays

I should be working. I always should be working. I shouldn’t always be working. It’s Sunday and I tried not to work all day. It’s possible I will clean out my email in a bit though.

Charlie and I had some outdoor time and a big walk and that hour was what I needed to make my mind right. Getting outside is going to be a priority this week. The laundry is caught up and the dishes done. Floor needs swept. I could look around for more house chores to catalog that need done and I have no plans to take them on.

We played singer/songwriter music all afternoon and did all the things we like to do in our big white house. Char made Cs on a canvas, put together LEGO cop cars that looked like space buggies, ate 25 snacks, blared his tablet with race car games and occasionally warmed his feet on me.

I painted flowers that live in my head and drank coffee and forced myself to not add cream or team with a cookie. The 2 mile walk tired me out. Taking care of my health is what I always say is important but I have done a bad job of it the last few years.

We miss David but he is sick and we’re trying to make smart decisions. He got off the bus today and we were going to drive to TN. We reevaluated. Stay put and not drive back and forth this week. Finish our personal taxes. Get his demo work caught up. Keep working on the business processing and site issues. Char has daycare in Ohio so I can work. Finish another song of our own…pay some bills and make some art…

Try to take care of ourselves.

It’s easier for me to make art on Sunday because I am generally not at the warehouse.

Roses are Popular

Wild Head Flowers

And a photo of Woob just because is is adorable.

Sharing a Page

Charlie wanted to watch BossBaby and cuddle. Up too late staying at the shop. Saturday morning dragging him out early isn’t realistic so we camp out with the guitar parts. I promised him the movie even though it was late. He helped me doodle on a sheet of watercolor paper that was half his and half mine while we watched. Making art today almost didn’t happen.

Power Outage

David is back on the road. Poor dude had to get up at 4am to drive in a torrential downpour to Nashville and demo a song, then catch the bus. I worked as hard as I could at turning an alarming work issue around. When I picked up Charlie I really was thinking I would take us back to work and spend the evening there but we needed to buy fruit and green jello for his school party. Not long after we made it home and had some dinner it started storming and the power went out. It went out just as he started a movie and I had put paint on a palette. I let him drain my phone dead while I painted in the candlelight with a flashlight. The painting is a loose interpretation of the sun rising this morning. I don’t do many landscapes. Something I need to practice. One for the diary.

Owl Pig out on a Limb

The sun is finally shining. David finished our corporate taxes and bought us new tires for our little economy car. The tiny black Ford he drives the wheels off traveling back and forth to work…TN to OH then OH to TN. I wanted to sketch out a large mermaid tonight. I thought about it off and on while I sold guitar parts and drank coffee. I didn’t. It was too large to take on so I used watercolor and ink to make this mini, insane owl that has some pig qualities.

Birds of a Feather

Trying to create art everyday is proving challenging but I have made it 4 weeks. I have been posting a lot of it on Instagram and Facebook but I feel like some of it needs to be in my diary. I guess this is my new art diary. I have to understand some days it is just a doodle and that is ok. These two little dudes came to visit last night. Watercolor markers and black pen.

#atrezrealbrushpens #birdfriends