Big Breakfast

Up at 5 am. Piddled around with the needy dachshund and my new haircut. It’s too short. Flat iron didn’t make me like it either. It’s just hair.

At 6 am I decided to wake Char up and spend the morning together. We went to bed early. He was happy to rise and shine and I made him an enormous breakfast. We talked, sang, ate, watched birds, cartoons and painted. Noticed a friend had a dog pass. Took a shot at painting little Rocco. Not sure I have the perfect photograph for a good attempt. Maybe try a few more times. Losing a pup is devastating. I wish I was better at getting the drawing right.

Not sure painting in the morning is a good idea because now I have no will to sell guitar parts. I want to paint more. Switching gears. Switching gears.


Flowers and Mean Cranes

Spring Beauty Shop
Blue Meanie

David had to leave for Nashville at 5 am. He was off and I decided to paint while Charlie slept instead of working. On the days David is here I usually sneak off to the shop before they get up and start the guitar parts madness. I decided to paint a Blue Heron fishing with some modern art in the landscape.

Later while getting my haircut I made a little Spring Beauty in the beauty shop. They are everywhere in the woods. One of my favorite flowers and signs of warm weather ahead. Worked hard and then picked up Char for dinner and soccer at the park. In bed early.

Work & Patty Griffin

I had a very slow art day but that’s ok. I am telling myself that because I feel guilty for not accomplishing more. Put work first all day because David was helping make that happen by not minding that I stayed at the shop over night. We had a lovely night with friends Friday evening. Aundrea and Dick invited us over for kabobs and cocktails and welcomed Char as well. Char and David left me at the shop after the party. He kept Char all morning while I worked. Char came over at lunch and we worked on our tiny shop garden and bought David a bike at the junk store. We all have bikes now and we have a few plants growing to cheer us before work.

Charlie was super good. Bought himself a rake at the hardware store and some 25 cent cars in a sale box while I was negotiating the bike price. He was excited all afternoon about my sister, Dee, watching him that evening while we went to see a show.

David and I traveled to Stuart’s Opera House to see one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Patty Griffin. I made this 5 minute owl in the car from kid art supplies I had in my purse knowing this was my last chance to get in some art.

We ate giant cheeseburgers in a dive bar because the proper before show restaurant was overstuffed with people and jazz piano filtering out the door. I didn’t want to leave the dirty barstool by the pool table in the dive bar. It was quiet enough that I could talk to my husband. Stare at him. See him smile about eating a double cheeseburger with a piece of bologna on it instead of a spinach salad and overpriced, dry salmon. Just slow down.

The show was great and I mostly obsessed over the drummer that played bells, piano and guitar. Doing all the jobs. Whatever it was Patty needed.

31 Days, Owl & ZMA


I have officially posted art 31 straight days. I made something new each of those days. Could I keep it up for a year? It’s more work than I imagined.

Got a lot of things done today but most of them weren’t even on my to do list. Made progress on some new technology for importing guitar parts. Didn’t get close to getting my desk in good order by the end of the day though. I did have a wonderful lunch date with my spouse. He made Charlie a doctor’s appointment to check mark the boxes needed for daycare care paperwork and had another soccer lesson with him. Family progress.

David also took a few photos of some recent paintings so I could sign up for an art show at the Zanesville Museum of Art. Nothing I have ever done before, and I have no expectations, but doing things like this motivates me to keep at it. I like the feeling that I keep creating everyday. Things like this help that flow.

We actually spent an hour on the porch as a family and chatted with the neighbors. The warmer weather has me sprouting back out of the dirt. Last night I didn’t want to draw anything out or think too much. I felt content and not compelled. I ended up with a funky owl with lashes and tons of fuzz. Just wanted to smear paint around.

Watercolor Pencils & Sanity

Bucket List Painted Bunting

It’s hard to believe birds like the Painted Bunting exist. I would love to see one in the wild just fluttering around like a rainbow with wings.

The work day was brutal. Sitting in my chair, I didn’t feel like getting up to prep for actual painting so I used the close watercolor pencils and a water filled brushed. David has been home this week and that has been wonderful…even when he gives me pep talks about my mental health. Watercolor pencils are medicine. Sunshine doesn’t hurt either. Going to work on my attitude this week.

Dawes & David

David was home in time for a trip to Dawes Arboretum and Charlie’s first family soccer lesson. Hauled ass from TN to OH before the sun went down. 9 long days without him. We stayed past 7 in the garden and almost had the gates closed on us. Daffodils everywhere.

Daffy Eye